Bores is a cold and unforgiving land, it has huge mountain ranges and deep pine forests and a lot of rivers and lakes (who are frozen most of the year).

There are plenty of prey animals in the land. Deer, elk, moose, reindeer, goat, sheep and ram (large goats). And where there are prey there are predators, like wolves, bears, wolverine, lynx, cougars and tigers.

 There are no large cities on the land, a few harbour towns where there are mostly humans and some town in the hills where dwarves, gnomes and halflings lives. Gneistown is one of the largest towns above ground (its partly inside a hill).

It's below ground the large cites are. The biggest one is the city of Gaelstown.


All would be fine (but hard) if there wasnt for all the evil humanids and monsters. The forests and hills have their share of goblinoids, orcs and ogres. The hills and mountains have yetis and giant. The underdark have all that, and more.



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