The Party rejoice!

The kobold lair

After the brothers catch their breath, they decided to see whats in the hole, but not after they had informed some fellow dwarves about the possible kobold Lair, if they should die.

Said and done, they dragged out the dead kobolds and the weasle to the path that runs trough the fungus cave. They put the corpses so they pointed towards where the tunnel is and went back pleased with their work.

Rurik took the lead and climbed up to the hole and fastened a rope for his not-so-agile brothers and went in, crawling.
After a while he heard some kobold chatters and he tried to peak around a corner when he triggered another trap, tindertwing and lampoil. The Tindertwig lightened the oil and a big flame came up, but Rurik had moved back and avoided to catch fire.

Oskar saw the flames and sent a quick prayer to Moradin to douse the fire with conjured water. The prayer was heard and the fired died almost as fast as it started, but the damage was done, the kobolds saw the trap go off and yelled for help from their tribe.

Rurik managed to dodge a crossbowbolt and got out from the cave, only to meet a shortspear in the shoulder before he tumbled out on the big leadge that where standning 15" above the cavern floor and spotted a whole clan of kobolds closing in, hideing behind stalgmites and big mushrooms.

Rurik tumbled behind the crossbow using kobold while he reloded his weapon and killed him from behind.

Brottor came out of the tunnel and met the shortspear as well, but it only made a scratch and and decided that he would bullrush the spearweilder from the ledge, said and done, but the kobold didnt die, so he jumped down on the vile creature to en its misserable life.
Oskar came out right after and saw a huge stalagmite that had fallen on the ledge and tried to use it as a ramp down, he failed on the first step and fell down, just around the corner from where his brother Brottor stood. But he never saw the hideing kobold rogue who sat under the fallen stalagmite and found Oskars unprotected kidney with a dagger. The rogue tried to slip away and took out an dart while he moved and Oskar took the opportunity to attack him and crushed the kobolds skull with a clean swing with his weapon.

More kobolds showed themselves, and some crossbow bolts came from differnt directions. The brothers took aim on the ones they could see. Rurik ran around on the rubble floor like it was a dancefloor, Oskar wasnt far behind, but their brother Brottor the holy warrior must have done something to missplease Moradin, since he could barley stand on his legs due to the uneven floor and fell down on his arse more then once.

After a couple of rounds, magic missiles started to rain down on the brothers, two at the time., but they didnt see where they came from. More and more kobolds died from their weapons, until they saw the spellcasting kobold came into view, and he had a longsword weilding bodyguard at his side, while he attacked the brothers from a safe distance. Hee even noticed Brottors unfavorabled situation and summoned a swarm of centipedes on the spot where he fell before he continued to hail MM´s on the other two brothers.

Rurik saw two crossbowshooting kobolds behind some large mushrooms and ran over to deal with the threat from them, but they moved och reloaded with a tactic unheard of among kobolds and Rurik could only attack with one of his two weapons since he had to move so much (and probably keep the balance with the other hand).

After killing the "fodders" the time came for the boss and his bodyguard(s),  with some caution and hiding by mushrooms and stalagmitets the brothers spotted a hidden kobold with a blade made for kidneys whom they took out first while the swordweilding kobold had some swings at the brothers and wasnt taken down as easily as the rogue or fodder kobolds, he took the beating and gave back some.
The spellcaster moved in and cast a spell with all the patterns of a rainbow, but the brothers just shrugged it off and went in on the spellcaster.

After the battle, the brothers where badly wounded, but it wasnt anything their holy brother couldnt cure (with the magic wand that where loaned to them on their duty).

The night ended after looting the kobolds, their small lair in a stalagmite and slowly walking back to the ledge and the fuguscave to return to their partol duty.



Yup, that was some slippery floor, and speaking as Brottors player, you’d think i’d be more heroic. _ (Burt)

The Party rejoice!

you’re actions where memorable chuckles I’ll see if i write up the sad story with the disease and the fight against the large earth elemental.

The Party rejoice!

now THAT’s just adding insult to injury :) Next session i’ll hopefully manage to a) stand up straight and B) hit something smaller than a airplane:)

The Party rejoice!

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