Holderheks goes forth!

Many weeks has passed. The brothers has venture back and fort to Gealstown, to buy an mechanical miner, since the earth elementals have been running amok and the contact to the elemental plane of earth seems to be cut off.

During their travell, they've found an cavein and a drow outpost with a lot of undeads, and the drow leader was in a golden prison sphere. So the brothers went another way to Gaelstown, trough the Forbidden fungus forest with some fungi/plant monsters and something big that flew around (they never saw it). But they saw and defeated an Ettin who hade some magical Bracers of the brawler.

After the Ettin encounter they travelled some more days in the forest until they entered the dark caves again. They came to an huge underground lake, almost a sea. They started to travell by foot in the shallows and soon encountered water elementals who stayed close to the strangly formed "lagoons".
They heard some strange noices when they where at a small island and was attacked by the biggest slug they ever seen and the fight wasnt going as good as they hoped when they heard something on the water.  It was something big, thats closing the distance to them and some light was shining. It turned out to be a small ship that was patroling the coast for evil humanoids and big slugs.

The slug was dealt with in a fast way, Captain Kork was an experienced slugkiller and he took the brothers aboard the ship.
The brothers could finally get some rest while Kork took them back to Drippel and dropped them off so they could find an inn, with a warm bath and some fungus soup.





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