The Party rejoice!



After adding the skills, feats and whatnot the party started out at the guard house for a weeks patrol in the fungus caves. The route takes about a week to do, then they will be released from duty for 4 days.

It takes one day to travel down the mainroad to the camp where they release another patrol from their duty to guard the fungus fields. It was Ragnar and his team of men and their cave-lizard pet. Ragnar told the brothers it was a easy patrol, almost boring due to the lack of action.

On the first day out the meet a pack of dire rats that where munching on some fungus crops, the rest of the day went uneventful so they entered the camp och settled down for the rest.
The next morning they set out and at a point Brottor noticed a weak lingering aura of evil behind a stalagmite. He went to investigate what it was but didnt see anything special and the aura disapeared. Rurik noticed at once a small cave in the wall, only 2,5" high. Brottor leaned down to see what was inside and where surprised by an ferocius feral Weasle that went for his throat and got a hold.

After som struggle, Brottor got hold on the Weasle and wrestle it of his throat when the brothers heard a distinct "yip yip" from the weasles master inside the cave and then a crossbowbolt passed the brothers. With the weasle gone they dived for cover and Brottor took a potion of healing liquid and dropped his backpack on the ground (his brothers dropped theirs as well).

Brottor started to crawl with the shield as a cover in front of him. The cave narrowed a bit in the middle and brottor found a tanglefootbad-trap, the hard way.
Cowerd in goo, the kobold started to fire his crossbow again, Rurik crawled to Brottor in the cover of the narrowing part and started to cut his brother loose. Just when Brottor got free, the weasle attacked again, only to meet a warhammer that ended its life.

Rurik and Brottor ended the two kobold guards lives fast and Oskar came crawling the the battle was done.

After finding some goldnuggets, they spotted a hole about 15' up in the far corner.

(The game ended for the night)



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