End of patrol

After the brothers cleared out the Kobold lair, they returned to their patroling and ended up at the patrol camp and took their turns at guard.

When Brottors watch was over, he woke Oskar who bas bathing in sweat and had fever. He felt naseous and dizzy. So the brothers decided to camp there and treat his illnes. The soon figured out that it must have been one of those filthy Dire rats from the days before.

The day passed slowly, the only thing that they heard was some strange noises from the cave they where supposed to enter this day, but they let it pass (some guards….). The day turned to evening and Brottor and Rurik took turns in guarding and nursed over Oskar.

When the next day came, Oskar felt better, the fever was gone, but he wsa still ill, so they started to patrol at a slow pace again.
They entered an area after some time that had been harvested, and they started to search around for some clues. Rurik found a bag of fungus tobaco and flint and steel. Must have been the sounds from the harvesters from Gnestown they heard the day before.

Brottor noticed some movement in the ground, some 20" away and alerted his brothers, who saw nothing. He drew hos hammer and moved forward, when the ground came to life and attacked him with an tentacle.

The creature climbed up from its hiding place, two more tentacles showed, a huge mouth with a lot o teeths and three thick legs supported the creature.



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