Era is a world in Dungeons and Dragons 3'ed (and some 3.5 + house-rules), Its still under construction, so the layout is still a bit blurry.

Since i've been playing a lot of WoW the last 5 years, i get most of my inspiration from there and by that i mean that the "evil" races have more room in this world more then just fodder for the "good guys". The idea started in 2001 or so, when i wanted a different setup then the "you guys share a table at the local inn" and a more pioneer feeling where you hunt and craft yourself what you need and don't go and buy it. We hardly started before we dropped the idea (or did the characters die???)
The first idea was a world with 4 big continents where they all had different geografic setting, one was the cold waste (Scandinavia, arctic), the other was the desert, one was a jungle (Indonesia) and the forth was a mix of them all. I've been fiddling with the campaign back and forth during the years, added a bit of "Pirates of the Caribbean" with islands in the middle where all the evil doers and "free spirits" could gatherer for more adventure ideas. I steal a lot of my ideas from other you can find some of the sources here.